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Bitcoin has changed the course of history in the last few years since it started getting mainstream attention. The implications of the technology that Bitcoin is built off of is far-reaching to the point where we can’t yet fully understand what it means for the future.

What we do know, though, is that it’s changed the history of financial technology forever. It’s starting a revolution, a Bitcoin Revolution.

We want to get as many people involved with this evolution as we possibly can. A Bitcoin investment might just be the most important thing you could do with your money going into the future, and at Bitcoin Revolution, we’re working hard to make sure that process is as easy as possible.

Bitcoin Revolution Makes it Easy

When we were designing Bitcoin Revolution, we put specific effort into making sure that our platform was built for beginners to use. Everything from the trading bot to the user interface is streamlined to make it as accessible as possible.

What do we mean by that? Well, our trading bot executes your trades for you. More specifically, it automates all of the research and analysis that you otherwise have to do before trading.

Rather than spending hours staring at a chart that you can’t make heads or tails of, the Bitcoin Revolution bot does that for you in a fraction of the time. Our system makes its analysis on three different criteria:

Traditional Charting

You may or may not have any prior experience with trading, so we’re going to explain this one a little bit. Hopefully, you’ve at least seen a trading chart before. Otherwise, this isn’t going to make much sense.

When you look at the candles on a trading chart, there are always patterns forming, whether bullish or bearish. There is always something happening that can be jotted down on a chart.

Things like wedges, which are triangles used to predict a coin’s price based on the meeting point of two lines that run through the all-time high and all-time low.

You wouldn’t think that this kind of analysis would work with economics, but for some reason, be it organic or artificial, it does.

This kind of exercise is very much theory-based and requires education to learn how to do. While you can get that education for free online, not many people have the time for that.

When our trading system is working for you, it’s going to analyze the charts and start forming these patterns for you. It gives you the performance of an experienced trader without needing to be one yourself.

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Historic Price Analysis

In a lot of markets, but crypto specifically, the historical information attached to the value of a coin can be invaluable when predicting prices.

Looking at how much one coin is worth now versus a year ago, or the most common comparison, 2017, can give you a lot of insight into where the coin might be going next.

It requires a level of nuance that a lot of beginner traders don’t have, though. You need to be able to recognize key support and resistance levels, as well as how each one has been tested in the past.

This is something that requires practice and patience, but again our system does it for you. It’s another area of analysis that allows the Bitcoin Revolution bot to make more accurate predictions than a beginner trader can make alone.

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The Human Element

There are a few different Bitcoin trading sites out there, but most of them are lacking in this crucial element. Whether you like it or not, trading is a game made up of two halves: finance and psychology.

You don’t get to have one without the other. Analyzing price information alone is only going to get you so far. How humans behave, what they think, what and when they buy and sell, all of these elements are far more important than theoretically breaking down lines on a page.

The issue with a lot of trading platforms, though, is that the technology for recognizing the human element isn’t implemented. This is understandable; the tech is complicated and very hard to create. However, it still leaves a glaring hole in those site’s trading algorithm that decreases efficiency.

We’ve created our own system to recognize the human element, giving us a distinct edge over every other trading platform on the planet.

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How We Did It

Our human element trading integration was based on what is known as selling the news. The reporting of Bitcoin by various news sources has an effect on the price of it in the short term. While the market has a tendency to always correct itself, a big news piece can result in a short but sweet price swing.

We’ve programmed our AI to look for specific keyword associations within various articles on Bitcoin. We’ve going one step further than that, though.

Our AI actively learns. Over time, as it reads news pieces and makes price predictions based on what it found, it’s constantly adapting and improving based on the accuracy of those predictions. The Bitcoin Revolution is a living thing, constantly growing and evolving to be a better version of itself.

We have some of the brightest AI minds on the planet working with us on this project, and it’s thanks to them that we have made this program a reality.

Bitcoin Revolution is Free

With all of this advanced technology, you would think that Bitcoin Revolution charges a premium rate for its services, but you would be wrong. We don’t charge our users a single thing for our platform. There’s no signup fee, no subscription fee, deposit fee, or anything of that nature.

The only fees you’re ever going to incur with us are the ones that come from your bank when you’re depositing or withdrawing. We don’t get a cent of your money. Instead, Bitcoin Revolution is funded through a number of different strategic partnerships that we have with the brokers that we buy and sell through.

Bitcoin Revolution isn’t a Bitcoin broker; it’s a trading system. Our system still needs to be run through a market, and by agreeing to run it through specific brokers, we get commission that keeps the project alive and well.

Bitcoin Trading for Beginners

Now, you know that we facilitate the trading of Bitcoin and how we do it, but you do need to know a bit of the basics for yourself before we get started. Think of this as a Bitcoin crash course.

First of all, what is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is a form of currency or money, that is entirely digitized. You can buy it, sell it, and use it with any online stores that accept Bitcoin transactions. You can also invest in it, though. Unlike traditional fiat currency, the price of Bitcoin is constantly fluctuating, and by a massive margin. If a dollar were to drop 15% overnight, it would cause havoc in the American economy.

If Bitcoin were to drop 15% overnight, which it has, not all that much would change. You could either sell your investment to stop further loses or hold onto it for the long game until the coin recovers. That’s the basics of what Bitcoin is, but let’s talk about why it’s valuable.

There are countless little individual features that all make up the value of Bitcoin. There’s utility, demand, regulation, but for our purposes, we’re going to talk about scarcity.

  • The dollar isn’t very scarce. There is a ludicrous number of dollar bills in circulation, and more get printed every year without a second thought for the bills that are already there. What does that do? If you’ve ever dabbled in economics, you know that this creates inflation. The more of something there is, the less it’s worth. This includes dollar bills.
  • A single dollar isn’t worth nearly as much as it was 20 years ago. That’s simply because there are more dollars in circulation. Sure, the minimum wage and the cost of living have adjusted to the inflation of the dollar, but at a disproportionate rate. Every major fiat economy in the world is headed to financial ruin, whether it be in 10 years or 100 years. Bitcoin is the solution. Bitcoin doesn’t have a federal reserve dictating what it does. It’s run off of entirely independent nodes and has no overlords or maters. Not only does this lack of authority does wonders for the trust that people place in the coin, but it also means that the process of creation needs to be different.

Instead of being printed, Bitcoin is created through a process of “mining.” As a result of Bitcoin being decentralized and independent, there are no organizations set up to front the servers and hardware needed to keep the Bitcoin blockchain operational. The solution to this was to give individual people the power to install software onto their device that allows the blockchain to use it.

In exchange for both housing this software and for verifying transactions, the blockchain pays this “miners” in the form of fresh Bitcoin. Between Bitcoin being burnt, lost, and otherwise removed from circulation, inflation is simply out of the question. The biggest contributing factor to this, though, is the fact that Bitcoin is infinite.

It’s been called digital gold for a reason. There is a hard stop limit programmed into the blockchain that dictates when a certain number of Bitcoin has been produced; it can’t make anymore. This is set to trigger in about 100 years or so. If there was any risk of inflation before that, this feature throws it right out the window. Now you should know what you’re trading.

Bitcoin FAQs

We’ve seen quite a few questions from budding Bitcoin traders since we’ve started Bitcoin Revolution. Our goal is to spark the flames of rebellion inside every potential Bitcoin investor, so we’ve put together a short FAQ to steer you down the right path.

How do I trade with Bitcoin Revolution?

Trading with Bitcoin Revolution is simple. Our trading bot handles all of the execution for you; all you have to do is set the parameters for your trade.

This only takes a few minutes, and once you’re done, you can stand up and leave your screen. Our system is going to continue working in the background while you do get other things done such as clean your home, workout, or any other daily activities that you may partake in.

How much do I need to invest to start with Bitcoin Revolution?

New traders tend to get shocked when they see the price of one single Bitcoin. Not many new traders have five digits lying around to make one trade, after all.

However, just like how a dollar can be broken down into cents, Bitcoin can be broken down into Satoshi.

It’s broken down by eight decimal places. In other words, you could buy a dollar’s worth of Bitcoin if you really wanted to.

You’re not in this game to make pointless trades like that, though, which is why we have a minimum deposit limit of $250.

This is a number that isn’t too high for new traders to reach for, and more importantly, gives you a good stable foundation to start trading from.

Why Bitcoin?

After all these years, after all these new developments with other coins, and after all the adaptation of crypto into the mainstream, Bitcoin is still on top of the mountain. That’s no coincidence.

Bitcoin is the poster child of crypto. It’s the undisputed king of the space. Nobody can deny that. As time progresses and crypto becomes more and more mainstream, it’s going to be Bitcoin leading the charge.

What happened in 2017?

If you’ve been in the crypto space for any longer than five minutes, then you’ve probably heard someone refer to 2017 in some capacity.

There’s a very valid reason for this, both in terms of financial analysis and potential. 2017 was the year that Bitcoin took off.

It grew by genuinely astronomical numbers almost overnight, catching the attention of everyone on the planet while doing so.

Referring back to these glory days isn’t just a way to relive the past. Instead, we can actually glean a lot of really useful data from it.

For example, if we see price movements and values similar to what we saw back then, it stands to reason that we might be on the precipice of another Bitcoin boom. That’s exactly where we are now. 

If you want in on what may be the most influential year in the history of human finance, then sign up with Bitcoin Revolution today.