About Us

Bitcoin has changed the course of history in the last few years since it started getting mainstream attention. The implications of the technology that Bitcoin is built off of is far-reaching to the point where we can’t yet fully understand what it means for the future.

The Bitcoin Revolution Manifesto

I. Make Bitcoin more accessible to the masses

We believe in making Bitcoin more accessible to the everyman. We want to achieve this because we believe it holds the key to closing the gap between the 99% and the 1%. The proportions of human wealth have become far too skewed; Bitcoin is the solution.

We aim to achieve this by automating and simplifying as much as possible on our platform without sacrificing performance. UI, data, trading execution, we do as much as we can to take the complication out of Bitcoin.

II. Inspire Bitcoin traders to move upwards in their trading journeys

We don’t just want you to stick around Bitcoin Revolution forever. We want to inspire you, support you, and push you to new heights that you would have thought were otherwise impossible to achieve. We want to do this to help every single potential investor maximize their potential.

We aim to achieve this goal by acting as a steppingstone for all beginner traders that move through our site. We help you gradually increase your Bitcoin trading skill and knowledge with the hope that you evolve and take that knowledge with you on the rest of your journey.

III. Assist with the resetting of the power balance in global economics

The world’s economy has become a complete mess. At the heart of that mess lies a few very powerful, influential, but hidden people.

These groups are very afraid of Bitcoin. They tried to dissuade people from trading it. You might remember a few years ago when media sites were advising people to stay away and calling it dangerous. When they realized that didn’t work, they began adopting it for themselves. These people have a lot to answer for, none of which can be questioned until that power balance is reset.

We aim to do this by pushing the Bitcoin agenda forward. The current end goal for crypto, in general, is to replace fiat currencies. We obviously don’t hold that executive power in our hands, but we’re going to do what we can to further that goal, no matter how big or small our impact is. Bitcoin is a future worth fighting for.