About Us

Where Everything Started

The Bitcoin Revolution development process started in a room with a small group of people who wanted to become professional traders. We loved trading since day one, but we didn’t know how to make smart moves. Learning how to trade was extremely difficult for us.

That’s because we didn’t have the tools that are available today. There were some trading apps, but most of them weren’t friendly to new users. Apart from that, many trading bots were just scams.

Fortunately, we never gave up. Experts and professionals joined our team to help us understand how to improve our trading skills. Thanks to their help, we became professional traders in no time.

After that, the idea of developing Bitcoin Revolution came to our minds. We wanted to help beginners in the trading world learn what they needed to know to see the bigger picture while trading. That’s the reason we started moving towards that goal.

Developing this trading app took a lot of time. Yet, that time paid off. and Bitcoin Revolution is now available for you.

What We Want

Our goal is to help you improve your trading skills while making trading easier for you. We designed all Bitcoin Revolution features with that in mind. Feeling comfortable while trading significantly helps you see the bigger picture. That’s the reason our features focus on making everything much simpler for beginners in the trading world.

We also have room for professional traders in our trading app. Bitcoin Revolution advanced features give you technical information of good trades.

Our Future

Now that Bitcoin Revolution is finished, we want to focus on making it the best trading app you can ask for. Each trading bot on the market offers different features and provides you with all kinds of benefits.

We want Bitcoin Revolution to have all the features you need to make trading easier, so we have testers use our trading app to tell us what to add and what to remove. Stay tuned to our website to know what’s coming up next for Bitcoin Revolution.

Our plan is to update the trading app from time to time. Those updates aim to give you a more comfortable trading experience and help you understand how the market works in a better way.